"Let me take 2, 3, 4 strokes off your scores with The Chipping Equation Today!"

-Danny Edwards, 5-Time PGA Tour Winner, Winner of the Japanese Masters & Top 100 Professional Golfer of the Modern Era


Danny Edwards

Danny is a lifetime PGA Tour member with 20 professional victories worldwide including the Japanese Masters, 5 PGA Tour wins and selected as one of the Top 100 Professional Golfers of the Modern Era.

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VIDEO: What is the Chipping Equation?

What Can the Chipping Equation Do For You?

1. Simplify Every Chip Shot

2. Get Your Chips 2-3 Ft from the Hole

3. Create More One-Putts

4. Build Confidence & Consistency

5. Drop 2-3-4 Strokes Off Your Scores

Ira T. - 10 Handicap

"Danny I've gone from getting 20% of my shots up and down to 80%. 'The Chipping Equation' has changed my game! Thank you so much."

Joey C. - 6 Handicap

"I played Trump National West Palm. Had 6 chip shots. Up and down for 5 of them and Holed the other out! Having fun with the Chipping Equation!"




Learn from a 5-Time PGA Tour Winner

The Chipping Equation is a 90 minute seminar created by 5-Time PGA Tour Winner, Danny Edwards.

In this seminar you will learn how to calculate a correct landing spot and accompanying rollout that will leave your ball within 2 or 3 feet from the hole.

We take a precise setup with two clubs, two formulas, show you how to practice correctly, address modifications from various terrains to give you results that produce gimmes.

Danny Edwards Golf Chipping

Imagine This

You find your ball off the green. In less than a minute you know exactly where your ball should land & which club to use so that your chip finishes 2-3 feet from the cup.

Have More Fun

The truth is you cannot buy better scores in this game of golf. You have to earn it. And learning how to produce gimmes from around the greens can be A LOT OF FUN!




What Attendees Are Saying:

VIDEO: Chipping to Produce Gimmes

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